08 November 2012, 10:00

At least 86 people became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus in October

At least 86 people became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus in October, 2012. 47 out of them perished and 39 got wounded. These are the totals of calculation by the “Caucasian Knot” based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

In Dagestan there were 53 victims, 33 out of them were killed and 20 got wounded. No less than two officers of power-wielding structures perished and 18 got wounded. 26 suspects of participation in armed underground were killed. Six civilians perished and two got wounded.

18 persons became victims in Ingushetia. 8 out of them were killed and 10 got wounded. Five members of power ministries perished and eight more got wounded. One supposed member of PMG perished at the moment of an attempt of committing an act of terror. Two civilians perished and two more got wounded.

There were six victims in Chechnya: one person perished and five got wounded. All the victims were members of power ministries.

Six persons became victims in South Ossetia. As a result of blasting of a car with a suicide bomber one policeman perished and four got wounded.

Three persons got injured in Kabardino-Balkaria. Two supposed participants of paramilitary groups were killed in a special operation. During the same operation a policeman got wounded.

There were no armed confrontations in Karachay-Cherkessia and Stavropol Region during the past month.

The above mentioned statistics cannot be hundred per cent precise. Not all the data is covered by news reports. It is not always possible to verify how reliable the statements of law enforcement bodies are.

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