31 October 2012, 09:00

Statement of International “Memorial” association: Russia is returning to its customary tragic reality

38 years ago, on October, 30, 1974, prisoners of Mordovia and Perm prison camps and Vladimir prison for the first time went on hunger strikes and organized other actions of protest on the Day of political prisoner in the USSR.

Today, on October, 30, we commemorate not only the Day of memory of victims of political repression but also the Day of political prisoner, already in modern Russia.

The events of several past weeks show that the Russian authorities in their dialogue with the opposition are using mostly the language of repression: arrests, courts and prison camps. Experience of fabrication of political trials is again in demand, just like in the twenties and thirties. Myths of “foreign agents” became popular again. Fresh “Caucasian” experience of kidnapping and secret prisons has also become in demand.

Russia is again returning to its customary tragic reality.

We do not appeal to the sense of historic responsibility of our state leaders for they evidently have no such a sense. We do not call to the sense of self-preservation of the Russian ruling elite: for this sense to be activated at least a rough perception or reality is needed but today’s elite is lacking this sense, on the whole.

We appeal to the community hoping for its civil maturity. We have no ready formula of the way not to let Russia slide down to new rounds of revolution and state terror. We must seek for ways of counteraction to reckless and suicidal steps taken by the authorities all together. The only thing we are calling all the social forces for, regardless of their political orientation, is unconditional renunciation of violence in any of its forms. We call for calmness, wisdom and firmness.

We are able to protect our freedom relying on the law, not force.

Resolution of International “Memorial” Association

October, 30, 2012

Source: Resolution of International “Memorial” Association

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