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On August 27-September 2, at least 50 persons fell victim to armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

Last week, on August 27-September 2, 2012, at least 50 persons suffered in the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus. Of these, 29 persons were killed, and 21 wounded. These are the results of calculations of the "Caucasian Knot" based on own materials of the edition and information from other open sources.

The death toll includes 10 law enforcement and other power agents, including 9 in Dagestan, and 1 in Chechnya. 14 persons were wounded. Of these, 8 persons were wounded in Dagestan, 3 in Ingushetia, and 3 in Chechnya.

11 militants and suspected members of illegal armed formations (IAFs) were killed, including 6 in Ingushetia, 4 in Dagestan, and 1 in Kabardino-Balkaria.

8 civilians perished, all of them in Dagestan. 7 persons were wounded: 4 in Ingushetia, and 3 in Dagestan.

One should understand that the above statistics cannot reflect with absolute accuracy the number of victims in each of the identified categories of the survey. Not all the data get into news reports. It is not always possible to verify the reliability of statements made by law enforcement bodies.

Attacks on power agents

On August 30, a soldier of internal troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) was wounded in the shootout near the village of Shaatli of the Tsuntin District.

On August 31, in Ingushetia, in the village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya, a policeman was wounded as a result of shelling. The victim was brought to hospital. Together with him, a 39-year-old local resident, who accompanied the policeman, was also wounded.

On August 28, in the Dagestani village of Belidzhi of the Derbent District, a group of unidentified persons attacked and occupied the building with an armoury of a special investigatory team. As a result, two soldiers were killed and three other were wounded.

In Dagestan, eight soldiers were killed in a shootout on the border post near the village of Belidzhi of the Derbent District. A soldier opened fire on his colleagues, seven persons were killed, and the soldier was shot dead by return fire. According to different sources, four or five persons were also wounded. According to official data, the border guard, who opened fire, was a follower of Wahhabism (Salafism), and his commanders tried three times to discharge him for that; however, they failed to find formal grounds.

On September 1, in the village of Chernigovskaya of the Prokhladnensky District of Kabardino-Balkaria, a suspected militant was killed, when he rendered armed resistance to police officers, when they tried to check his car. None of the police officers was injured. According to the MIA, he was carrying a time bomb to commit a major terror act in the territory of the republic.

Special operations

On August 28, special force fighters conducted a special operation in the village of Sagopshi of the Malgobek District. In total, several special operations were conducted in the district. As a result, four suspected members of IAFs were killed, and two more were detained. Besides, a police officer was wounded, and he was hospitalized in serious condition.

On August 31, two militants were killed in a special operation in the village of Leninkent of the Kirov District of Makhachkala. Law enforcement agents blocked a private house ownership in Leninkent, where, according to their information, members of the armed underground, put on the federal wanted list, took a refuge. None of the power agents suffered. The killed persons have been identified.

On August 31, in the Sunzha District of Ingushetia, a suspected member of armed underground was killed in a special operation. According to law enforcement agencies, the identification revealed that the killed person was a resident of Chechnya, who was put on the wanted list for involvement in illegal armed formations. 

Explosions and terror acts

On August 27, in the Achkhoi-Martan District of Chechnya, one policeman was killed and three more were wounded as a result of the explosion of a police car. The condition of one of the victims, who got several shrapnel wounds, is estimated as serious.

On August 27, three persons suffered as a result of an explosion in Nazran. An improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near the so-called "factory market" at the entrance to the wine-and-vodka shop in the city centre. One of the victims of the explosion is a police officer.

On August 28, in the village of Chirkei of the Buinaksk District, next to the house of the Sufi Sheikh Said Afandi, an explosion occurred, which was committed by a female suicide bomber. Afandi was killed. The explosion also killed six persons, who were there, and the female suicide bomber herself. At least three persons were wounded.

On August 30, the body of Mikail Ozdoev with signs of injuries from the explosion was found in the yard of a private house in Nazran. He was in the federal wanted list on suspicion of preparing terror acts in the territory of North Ossetia.

On August 2, a female seller suffered as a result of the explosion of an improvised explosive device (IED) near a grocery store in the Ingush city of Karabulak. The IED detonated at one of the intersections of the city.

Attacks on civilians

On August 2, in Buinaksk, Khizri Piramagomedov, a 29-year-old resident of the city, was shot dead. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers wore Sufi skullcaps.


On August 27, in the Shali District of Chechnya, law enforcement agents detained a local resident, suspected of aiding members of the armed underground.

On August 27, in the Naurskaya District of Chechnya, law enforcement agents detained three persons, in whose car a Makarov pistol was found. One of them had a fake ID of a soldier of the Special Forces of the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

On August 28, a resident of the Grozny District of Chechnya was detained by law enforcement agents on suspicion of aiding members of the armed underground. Besides, in Grozny, police officers detained a man and seized a hand grenade from him.

On August 29, in Khasavyurt, a local resident was detained on suspicion of aiding militants.


On August 26, complaints on disappearance of two men were filed by their relatives to the law enforcement agencies of Dagestan. The unit on duty was contacted by Elmira Kurbanova, a resident of Makhachkala. According to her story, in August 2012, Akhmed Magomedov, her ex-husband, a resident of the village of Untsukul of the Untsukul District, left home and never returned. On the same day, Salamuddin Saidakhmedov filed to the unit on duty a complaint about disappearance of his son on August 25. His son left home in his VAZ car and never returned.

As of August 28, the whereabouts of Ruslanbek Agiev, a resident of Malgobek, a staff member of the Ingush MIA, who disappeared on August 23, was not revealed. This was reported by Aslan Agiev, the father of the disappeared man.

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