01 August 2012, 23:00

Makhachkala: "Rembaza" residents demand from authorities to stop demolitions

Today, in the Lenin District of Makhachkala, 22 families of the dwelling settlement named "Rembaza" (Turaly-1) were cut off from gas supply. According to the residents of the settlement, the city authorities try to put pressure and unlawfully clean the territory for the construction of the satellite town "Lazurny Bereg" (Cote d'Azur).

According to the residents, on July 26, in the dwelling settlement, builders with a bulldozer dismantled two fences, located within the household territories. After the second fence was demolished, the local residents surrounded the bulldozer and did not let it to break the other buildings.

On September 27, 2011, near Makhachkala, the leader of Dagestan and the City Mayor attended casting of the foundation of the first house to be constructed in the satellite town "Lazurny Bereg". It is planned that the satellite town will consist of two territorial and functional areas. The first area will include residential districts, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and trade facilities. The second area will be a health resort.

"The residents of the dwelling settlement are visited by administration officials, who speak of demolitions and evictions. Naturally, people are indignant. Our dwelling settlement is 62 years old, and many people have lived here all their lives they built houses, planted gardens and implemented all communications by themselves, and the fact that properties of some people are not legalized is not our fault, but the fault of officials. I posted a letter on the website of the Russian President, describing the situation and asking for help," the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by Anvar Tazhutdinov, a "Rembaza" resident.

According to Natalia Yudich, a resident of the dwelling settlement, the local residents have repeatedly tried to legalize the land plots, on which their houses are located. "For 12 years, I ask to legalize the land plot around the house, where outbuildings and sanitary facilities are located, and the City Mayoralty refuses me all the time to legalize it. At the same time, some other people, who have recently arrived in the dwelling settlement, managed to legalize the land plots," Natalia Yudich has emphasized.

According to the local residents, after the incident with the demolished fences, the dwelling settlement was cut off from gas supply. "They have cut off and soldered a gas pipe. They said that we should remove till September 1. And while some people were offered a kind of change and apartments in some unfinished buildings were showed to them, the other people did not receive even such offers," the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by a resident of the dwelling settlement, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Zubairu Batyraev, Deputy Chief City Architect, stated that the demolition of fences and non-residential buildings are conducted on the basis of the decision of the city administration.

Author: Natalia Krainova; Source: CK correspondent

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