24 April 2012, 22:00

GPO: suspects of attempt on President of Abkhazia give confessions

Anzor Butba, Ramzi Khashig and Alkhas Khutaba, arrested under the case of an attempt on the president of Abkhazia, have confessed that twice – in November 2011 and on February 10, 2012 – they attempted, together with Rushbey Bartsits, who is now searched, to kill the president, said the General Prosecutor's Office (GPO) of the Republic.

Let us remind you that Anzor Butba, Alkhas and Timur Khutaba, and Ramzi Khashig were detained on April 12 and arrested on April 14 on suspicion of an attempt on the president. The suspect Rushbey Bartsits was put on the search list.

As reported by the GPO, the suspects' earlier attempts to kill Alexander Ankvab failed "for the reasons beyond their control, which in the interests of the investigation at this stage could not be disclosed."

In this regard two more criminal cases have been opened against Butba, Khutaba, Khashig and Bartsits.

So far, no comments from suspects' advocates in the context of this information are available.

Author: Anzhela Kuchuberia; Source: CK correspondent

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