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The Caucasus during the week: survey of the most significant events from March, 19, till March, 25

The second round of presidential election in South Ossetia; new voting on the parliamentary election in Abkhazia; attempt at an imam and bringing a big group of power-wielding structures to Dagestan; Alexander Tkachev’s reassignment Governor of Krasnodar region; nomination of candidates for the election of the Parliament of Armenia. Come to know about all these from a survey of the most significant events from March, 19, till March, 25, prepared by the “Caucasian Knot”. 

South Ossetia: none of the candidates polls over 50 per cent votes at the presidential election

On March, 25, the second round of the presidential election in South Ossetia was held with four candidates for presidency of the republic. According to the results of processing 40% paper ballots, Leonid Tibilov is in the lead of the struggle for presidency of South Ossetia, he polls 41,94% votes. David Sanakoev who polled 25,36% votes takes the second place. Dmitry Medoev polls 23,80% at the moment and Stanislav Kochiev  polls only 5,62%.

It is noteworthy that on Mach, 25, Alla Djioeva who refused to acknowledge the judgment of the Supreme Court of voidance of the results of the election brought on November, 27, 2011, insisted on her victory in it and stated that she was kept in the medical center by force. On March, 21, the Parliament of South Ossetia sanctioned voluntary resignation of Prosecutor General Taimuraz Khugaev which Djioeva’s supporters had been striving for and which was already twice demanded this year by Vadim Brovtsev acting as President of South Ossetia.

Abkhazia: four oppositionists will be deputies of the Parliament as a result of election

On March, 24, the second round of voting at the election of People’s Assembly was held in 20 election districts of Abkhazia because during the first round on March, 10, only 13 deputies out of due 35 were elected. All in all, there were 148 aspirants for 35 seats. The election passed in a clam atmosphere, not a single complaint was submitted to CEC during voting. A candidate who polls simple majority of votes is considered elected in the second round.

One representative of “United Abkhazia” party supporting the authorities and one from the oppositional “Forum of People’s Unity” won the first round of the election. According to preliminary data, three representatives of oppositional forces were elected deputies of the Parliament and two more candidates were nominated by “United Abkhazia”. The rest 15 candidates were nominated by pressure groups. Speaker of the working Parliament Nugzar Ashuba and Vice-speaker Irina Agrba lost the election.

Dagestan: one more murder of a clergyman and bringing a big group of power-wielding structures to the republic

On March, 23, an explosion happened in Buinaksk as a result of which Gitinomagomed Abdulgapurov, imam of local mosque, and his guard Magomedrasul Magomedov, officer of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, died on-site from wounding. Members of armed underground took charge of the murder of the imam in Dagestan. Murder on ideological grounds is also the main version of the investigation.

On March, 19, the news appeared that a big group of power-wielding structures was redeployed to the neighbouring Dagestan from the military base of Khankala in Grozny. A source in law enforcement bodies of Chechnya stated that the redeployment of servicemen was connected with a complication of the situation in Dagestan during the past several months when explosions, firing and special operations took place practically every day. Head of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov declared that a planned strengthening of law enforcement block was in process in Dagestan.

Krasnodar region: Tkachev became regional Governor again

On March, 21, Alexander Tkachev was appointed Governor of Krasnodar region for the fourth term. The respective decision was taken by the deputies of regional Legislative Assembly. 57 deputies voted for Tkachev and four were against him.

KPRF fraction in the Legislative Assembly voted against Tkachev’s candidacy. According to leader of the fraction Nicolay Osadzhiy, “it is not just a question of estimation of a person, it is a question of further development of Russia”. The communists supported dissent with the course of the ruling circles expressed by the electors of the Russian Federation at the presidential election in the country.

Armenia: the parties nominated their candidates at the parliamentary election

From March, 12, till March, 22, a procedure of nomination of candidates for the parliamentary election appointed on May, 6, was held. Serzh Sargsyan is in the lead of the panel of nominees from the ruling Republican party of Armenia (RPA) numbering 250 persons. RPA nominated its candidates in 33 out of 41 single-member districts. Oppositional Armenian National Congress (ANC) whose proportional list includes 120 persons headed by leader of the opposition, ex-President Levon Ter-Petrisyan, nominated its deputies in 38 out of 41 single-member districts.

RAP and ANC as well as “Prosperous Armenia”, ARF “Dashnaktsutyn”, the Communist party of Armenia, the Democratic party of Armenia, “Heritage” party, “Country of Lawfulness” and the “United Armenians” published their proportional election lists. On March, 24, the news came that the communist parties of Armenia would presented at the election by an integrated list. The political scientists highly appreciate the chances of RPA, “Prosperous Armenia” and ANC.

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