06 February 2012, 18:00

About seventy people in North Ossetia came out in protest against functioning of "Electrozinc" plant

About 70 people in Vladikavkaz took part in a two-hour action held in Pobedy (Victory) square held on February, 5. They expressed their protest against the work of "Electrozinc" plant. The participants of the action demanded to close the enterprise or move it away from the city for the reason of its negative impact on the environment.

Herman Revazov, one of the members of pressure group "Electrozinc". What are we breathing in?" created on one of the social networks wrote that during two and a half years they held over twenty actions.

"We strive for safe environment and closure of "Electrozinc" plant unfit for modernization. We hope our protest will be heard, otherwise we would not have come here. It makes no sense to struggle if you do not believe in a final result", Revazov said.

The "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports that the participants came to the picket with slogans: "Do always remember: "Electrozinc" is a disaster for us", "100 thousand people in Vladikavkaz live in an area polluted by "Electrozinc", "Save us and the future generations of Ossetia!", "Secure the sanitary zone according to the law" and others.

Resident of Vladikavkaz Sergey Gagiev did not take part in the action but was just passing by and received a leaflet.

"It is fine when people have their own position and are able to speak freely in our republic without disturbing anyone and observing public order, he said. - However, the problems of environment and "Electrozinc" cannot be solved only by means of actions and meetings. Hi-skilled experts are necessary, it is them who must pronounce the last word".

He considers that now the participants of the action should go further than the plant and environment and get down to practical business.

"It think when the snow melts it will be just the proper time to clean debris in the most attended places, i.e. the banks of the rivers both in the mountains and the plain, picturesque mountain canyons, within the bounds of the city with a lot of places where local residents dump building and domestic debris without the slightest prick of conscience. If we breathe with vehicle exhaustion and suffer from stinking waste we must do something ourselves", Gagiev considers.

Author: Dmitry Tamerlanov; Source: CK correspondent

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