15 September 2010, 18:00

Relatives of those detained in connection with the criminal case of terror in Vladikavkaz do not know where their people are

Investigation states that most of those detained on suspicion of involvement in the act of terror committed on September, 9 in the Central market of Vladikavkaz have been released and have now the status of witnesses. Among them there is a seller of the car in which the suicide bomber exploded himself near the market and a girl who had sold the supposed terrorist a mobile.

It should be reminded that suspected of involvement persons were detained immediately after the incident. On September, 14, Ingush mass media reported four detained residents of the republic: Seit-Ali Dobriev, Magomed Tochiev, Aminat and Khadizhat Zandarovs.

Akiev, human rights activist, says he has no questions to the investigation. "But we consider that no one has a right to carry people off nobody knows where. If they are under any suspicion their relatives must know what they are being accused of and where they are", Timur Akiev says.

"Commersant" wrote today that on September, 14 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's Committee of Inquiry Department for North Osetia it was said that during investigation of the terror in the market several people had been detained indeed but at the moment they were all free. And Prosecutor's committee of inquiry of the Russian Federation declared that they had issued no reports of these detentions connected with the Vladikavkaz explosion at all.


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