09 September 2010, 22:00

Two persons lost in explosion and shooting in Makhachkala hotel

Two persons were lost in a skirmish that burst out in a hotel in Makhachkala last night. The incident has happened after an explosion that was triggered in one of the hotel rooms.

As reported by a source from law enforcement bodies of the city, two unknown persons rushed out of the room, which was all in fire; they shot at a female worker and then tried to escape in a hijacked taxi. The driver managed to stop the engine and jump out. The criminals managed to disappear.

According to other sources, there were three attackers, and they, having run out of the room, killed the manager and one of hotel lodgers.

At examining the burned-down room, power agents found there three 5-kilogram explosive devices, components to several more self-made explosives and several grenades, the "Interfax" reports.

Let us note here that bombardments, attacks and explosions happen in Dagestan on a regular basis. Last night in Khasavyurt unidentified persons shot a militiaman, who later died in one of city hospitals.

On September 7, a bomb was triggered in front of a cargo train near the city of Kizlyar; six cars with grain got derailed.

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