26 August 2010, 23:20

Kadyrov's presence at Sulim Yamadaev's commemoration means complete reconciliation of conflicting parties, observers believe

On August 25, President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, together with Deputy of the Russian State Duma Adam Delimkhanov, visited the commemoration ceremony in the Yamadaevs house in Gudermes. As local observers believe, Kadyrov's and Delimkhanov's presence at the mourning ceremony in the house of the Yamadaev clan indicates the final reconciliation of the parties in conflict.

Kadyrov and Delimkhanov have condoled with the Yamadaevs. In his interview to journalists in Gudermes after participation in the commemoration ceremony ("tezet" in the Chechen language), Ramzan Kadyrov said that he had gone to reconciliation with the Yamadaevs exclusively under the request of "respectful people." "I visited the mourning ceremony and expressed my condolences; I also visited Sulim's mother, who was very touched. She said that my visit was a great joy for her, which she compared with the return of her own sons," said Ramzan Kadyrov.

President of Chechnya named a lie the statements that appeared in some mass media that the federal centre and "some special services" stood behind his reconciliation with the Yamadaev clan.

According to his story, the elders emphasized that Isa Yamadaev had apologized for his earlier statements, provoked by certain forces, which confused him with slandering Kadyrov.

Mr Kadyrov has also accused "certain forces" of a "bald lie" related to his last Sunday's meeting with Isa Yamadaev and treated the statement that the meeting "was somehow preconditioned." "I forgave him (Isa Yamadaev, - comment of the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent) for his incorrect statements. He has lost two brothers. Those who stood behind these crimes took him also 'into treatment'; they wanted to do the same with him; they wanted his death. I pity him, first of all, I pity his mother," he said.

The fact that, apart from Kadyrov, Adam Delimkhanov was also admitted to the mourning ceremony means, as some observers believe, that the parties in conflict have reached final reconciliation.

"If we remember that Isa Yamadaev had accused Ramzan Kadyrov and Adam Delimkhanov of organizing his brothers' murders, the fact that they were admitted to the tezet means that they were pardoned. That is, it is refusal from blood feud against Kadyrov and Delimkhanov. Another point how the Yamadaevs will behave in relation to direct executors of Sulim's and Ruslan's murders, or the gunmen, who figure in Ruslan Yamadaev's murder case. We cannot exclude that direct killers will be given out to Yamadaevs in exchange of guaranteed safety of Delimkhanov or Shaa Turlaev, who was suspected of organizing an attempt on Isa Yamadaev," one of local experts told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

He specifies that Isa Yamadaev, who received condolences, did not shave his beard, which means that he was not going to refuse from revenging his brothers' killers.

"Blood feudists are not forbidden to forgive killers for money," a clergyman said on the occasion. "I don't know about any arrangements were between Kadyrov and Yamadaevs. Possibly, for refusal from claims, say, to Delimkhanov, the Yamadaevs were promised to remove charges from Badruddi Yamadaev, who had been announced into federal search. There are quite a lot of alternatives, but hardly shall we ever know the truth."

Author: Alexander Ivanov; Source: CK correspondent

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