30 July 2010, 23:30

Kozaeva-Tskhovrebova treats beating of leader of Ex-Combatants' Union of South Ossetia as "mob law"

The beating of Timur Tskhovrebov, chairman of the public organization "Union of Ex-Combatants of the Republic of South Ossetia (RSO)", is categorically contradictory to those democratic values, pursued by South Ossetia, said Lira Kozaeva-Tskhovrebova, director of the Resource Centre of South-Ossetian NGOs and chair of the association of women of South Ossetia for democracy and defence of human rights.

As noted in her statement, letting someone doubt of South Ossetia's aspiration to freedom and democracy is "criminal". The young men who beat Timur Tskhovrebov are not excused by the fact that they had fought for independence of the republic, she believes.

"Timur Tskhovrebov's actions, the good or harm caused to the society by his public work should be estimated by the competent state bodies, whose professional duty is to do it," said Ms Kozaeva-Tskhovrebova and noted that the mob law would not help in building a democratic and lawful state.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on July 24, at about 1:00 p.m. Timur Tskhovrebov, a civil activist and initiator of creation of the "Republican Party-Iron" in South Ossetia, was beaten in Tskhinvali in Isak Street. Timur believes that the attack on him was provoked by performance on local TV of Boris Chochiev, Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO for Post-Conflict Settlement, who narrated the address of the "Iron" Party in distorted manner.

Supposedly, the attackers were 10 in number. Tskhovrebov asserts that he recognized three deputies of the parliament of South Ossetia among the attackers - Kazimir Pliev, Dmitri Vaneev and Alan Khasiev. The victim said that on the eve of the attack Pliev had threatened him by telephone.

In his turn, Kazimir Pliev, a deputy of the parliament of South Ossetia, asserts that he did not beat Tskhovrebov but just pushed him away: "I offered him more than once to meet and talk calmly, but every time he refused. I didn't beat him."

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