30 July 2010, 10:00

Statement of Lira Kozaeva - Tskhovrebova

Republic of South Ossetia during 20 years achieved its independence and peaceful sky above through suffering.  

Unfortunately, international community does not share our feelings.

Moreover, we should show to the whole world, that our people, our state is striving for building independent democratic and lawful state. We are obliged to do it for the sake of the deceased fathers, mothers, children, brothers and sisters. Exactly in the name of accomplishment of these ideas, they shed their blood.

It is criminal to give occasion to anyone to doubt aspiration of our Republic for Freedom and Democracy.

Exactly this permitted themselves young people, subjecting Chair of Public Organization "Union of Ex-Combatants of RSO" Timur Tskhovrebov to beating for an action, which contradicted their opinion and concept of decency and patriotism. 

Yes, they fought for 20 years, defended Motherland, lost friends and close people. They saved our people and saved our future. Moreover, it is unworthy of them. This does not justify them.

Behaviour of Timur Tskhovrebov, his public activities, damage, advantage or harm done to society, can be accessed by competent state structures, whose professional duty it is. In addition, if Timur Tskhoverbov deserves punishment, it should be resolved through the court decision.

I categorically reject lynch law. I consider it inadmissible. This is not the way to build democratic and legal state. This is not the way Free people behave.

Director of NGO Resource-centre of South Ossetia,

Chairperson of Association of Women of South Ossetia for Democracy and Human Rights,

Lira Kozaeva - Tskhovrebova


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