14 July 2010, 22:00

In Dagestan, advocate of female suicide bombers states their innocence

Today, lawyer Makhach Guchuchaliev told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that the recent announcement by the National Antiterrorist Committee of Russia of the women detained in Dagestan - Madina Gadjieva, Zaira and Zalina Akaeva, Zalina Alieva and Fatima Nurmagomedova - to be terrorists-suicide bombers has nothing to do with reality.

"I'm the head of a group of advocates defending the interests of these women. I don't understand what could be the sources of information about suicide bombers. In my opinion, someone from the FSB dreaming of quicker ascend along his career stairs, gave this alleged news to the media; and then the agents became hostages of their own disinformation," said the advocate.

He also expressed his discontent that media resources were disseminating data, which has nothing to do with reality: "They write that four of the detained women were widows of earlier liquidated leaders of the armed underground, although there was a girl of 12 among them - she is already at home; while two others had allegedly been brought to criminal liability for storing arms, and they had been registered as missing. None of them had such husbands; and the two missing girls are Zaira and Zalina Akaeva; none of them had ever been criminally prosecuted."

He said that the Sovietskiy District Court of Makhachkala had extended their pre-trial custody by a month, although the case, in his opinion, has no prospect.

"They have no proofs. The only grounded charge was the firearm found on Zaira Akaeva; therefore, she was charged under Article 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal storage of firearms and ammunition). The firearm belonged to her liquidated husband Magomed Ismailov; she planned to bring it to the militia but was afraid," said the advocate.

Gyulnara Rustamova, head of the human rights organization "Legal Assistance", told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that the alleged suicide-bombers' motes shown on TV could be in practice their usual testaments, which practising Moslems always keep at home.

Author: Akhmed Magomedov; Source: CK correspondent

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