13 July 2010, 20:00

Woman from Dagestan states extrajudicial execution of her brother

Dzamilya Samurkhanova, a resident of Makhachkala, is going to institute criminal proceedings of militiamen of the Derbent GOVD, who on June 16 shot dead her brother Rustam Samurkhanov, 22. The woman asserts that her brother had nothing to do with any criminal matters.

"Rustam lived in Derbent. On that day he took his friends Rasim Dzhabrailov, Elbrus Abdullaev and Farid Misriev for a drive around the city. When the car stopped in one of the streets, law enforcers opened a heavy fire on it; all the passengers and the driver died in place from the received gunshot wounds," Dzhamilya Samurkhanova told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

She said that her relatives learnt about the incident from television: "My sister Nazira was called by a relative, who said that federal TV channels had just shown a report about a special operation, in which militants Mais Sevzikhanov, Elbrus Abdullaev, Farid Misriev and Zakir Magomedov were allegedly liquidated. The relative recognized Rustam's car at once and asked to clarify its location as soon as possible. Derbent is a small city; therefore, we quickly learnt that among the casualties there were our Rustam and Rasim Dzhabrailov, while Zakir Magomedov was killed 10 days later."

She added that her brother had been never registered by the militia and was never involved in any criminal matters. "He didn't pray and ran the life of an ordinary young Dagestanian, having no idea about weapons. When several days ago I asked Nurlan Ashurbekov, an inspector of the local investigatory committee what my brother was guilty of, he answered: 'He simply happened to be in a wrong place in a wrong time'," said the woman.

Dzhamilya Samurkhanova has noted that individual employees of the Derbent GOVD accused her brother of murders of militiamen committed in the city on June 13 and 16. "During these days my brother was visiting me in Makhachkala; he was building a cellar in my house. There are witnesses, my neighbours, who saw him on those days; he spoke by telephone with dozens of people, thus, Rustam could not physically be present in Derbent," she said to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

She told about her intention to go to court in the near future.

The on duty unit of the Derbent GOVD told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that they have no information about the incident.

Author: Akhmed Magomedov; Source: CK correspondent

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