31 May 2010, 18:00

Magomed Garbakov, Sagopshi resident, kidnapped in Ingushetia

On May 13 in Ingushetia, employees of unidentified power agencies kidnapped Magomed Musaevich Garbakov, a resident of Sagopshi village, Malgobek District of the republic.

According to Magomed's wife Khava Malsagova, on the day of kidnapping, at about 9:00 a.m., a black Lada-Priora car with tinted windows arrived at their house located at No. 52 Merzhoeva Street. Its passengers - unknown persons in civilian clothes, spoke the Chechen language and said that they came to find out the sale conditions of the house.

According to her story, it was already their third visit. Magomed went out into the street and began talking to the visitors. Ten minutes later Khava heard the noise of the departing car. Her husband was seen nowhere, and the car was moving at high speed aside the road leading to the PPS (Patrol-Post Service) post in the Malgobek Circle, as the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" reports.

A neighbour of the Garbakovs was an eyewitness of the kidnapping. He said that unidentified persons seized Magomed, pushed him into a white Gazel minibus that stood near the house, and departed accompanied by several more cars.

About 40 minutes later, the Garbakovs house was surrounded by power agents, who arrived in several cars, accompanied by armoured troop carrier (ATC). They blocked the street, and then the ATC broke through the gate of the household. The house was searched; the agents spoiled the furniture, broke out windows and doors; and partially destroyed the house.

As the house owners assert, the agents stole documents on the house and two cars, family photos and about seven thousand US dollars. Also, the jewellery, two TV-sets, a DVD and a musical players, a washing machine, two telephones, a sewing machine, two heaters, a bicycle-simulator, a microwave, an electric teapot, a blender and other things disappeared from the house.

In the context of Magomed's kidnapping Garbakov's relatives addressed the Prosecutor's Office and OVD (Interior Division) of the Malgobek District; however, the law enforcement bodies of the district had no information about the incident. The district militiaman visited the Garbakovs' house and interrogated Khava and neighbours. As of May 31, Magomed's whereabouts was unknown.

Today Khava Malsagova brought her written applications to the HRC "Memorial" and other human rights organizations. She asked to help in finding her husband and protecting his rights. According to her story, Magomed Garbakov had never interfered in any criminal activities; he was never searched and worked as the builder. Their family has four small children.

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