12 May 2010, 23:00

In Karachai-Circassia, activists of "Adyge Khasse" demand to solve Aslan Zhukov's murder

Activists of the youth movement of Circassians "Adyge Khasse" express their readiness to hold a rally in the context of the unsolved murder of Aslan Zhukov. This was reported by Timur Zhuzhuev, chairman of the movement.

"On May 14, we plan to hold a youth assembly with the aim to prepare the rally. Young people are worried that Aslan Zhukov's murder remains unopened. We are inclined to assume that this was an ordered murder and ready to act with a demand to open it and punish its executors and customers," said Zhuzhuev.

Senior Justice Adviser Vyacheslav Taranenko, senior assistant to the head of the Investigatory Department of the ICPO for Karachai-Circassia, said in his conversation with the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that everything possible was done for opening Zhukov's murder.

According to Mr Taranenko, today the investigation lacks operatively significant information, but with account of the number of examinations appointed on Zhukov's case, the work still goes on.

He also said that in his opinion there is no motive for a rally, as time is needed to solve this murder. "Even the murder of Deputy Islam Krymshamkhalov was not under such high level of supervision. Permanent meetings and discussions are held on Zhukov's murder; the work goes on; therefore, there is no reason for a rally. The investigation does not exclude any version of the murder, as shortly before his murder Zhukov met persons who had nothing to do with his activities in the public organization 'Adyge Khasse'," said Taranenko.

The investigation deals with three basic versions of Aslan Zhukov's murder: on domestic reasons and for his entrepreneurial or public activities.

Author: Bella Ksalova; Source: CK correspondent

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