Dagestan, Khasavyurt. Photo by the "Caucasian Knot"

27 April 2010, 18:00

Three locals kidnapped in Dagestan

In Dagestan, unidentified persons, supposedly power agents, kidnapped Magomedzagir Isagadjiev, Israpil Medzhidov and Kurban Aliev, residents of Novy Kostek village, Khasavyurt District of Dagestan. This was reported by their relative Magomed Ramazanov, a resident of Levashi village of the Levashi District of Dagestan.

According to Ramazanov, his relatives went to Makhachkala to visit Aminat Osmanova, a patient of the Republic's Clinical Hospital. "Magomedzagir went upstairs to the hospital ward, while Israpil and Kurban stayed in the car. At that moment, several unknown armed persons of Slavic appearance rushed into the ward; they laid Magomedzagir on the floor, handcuffed him and took away from the room," the source told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

"When Aminat ran out into the street, she found nobody; the car had also disappeared," said Ramazanov and added that so far the search undertaken by relatives gave no results. "We addressed the militia and prosecutor's office, but we were told there that they have no data," he said.

Magomedzagir Isagadjiev was born in 1976; he is married and has three small children, including a daughter born just ten days ago. Medzhidov is 24; he is married and two minor children. Aliev was born in 1965; he is also married and has two adult sons. All the three were engaged in handyman businesses, have been never registered by the militia as offenders; they were practising Moslems.

Magomed Ramazanov did not exclude that the detention of his relatives could have to do with the skirmish on April 26 that burst out in the vicinity of Mutsalaul village, Khasavyurt District, where, according to the press services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and FSB of Dagestan, two suspected militants - Ahmed Rabadanov and Ali (incorrectly named Magomed in media) Isagadjiev, natives of Novy Kostek, - were liquidated.

"Ali Isagadjiev is my uncle. He had never had anything to do with the armed underground. I don't know what happened on that day; I was just telephoned by my relatives and informed that Ali Isagadjiev had disappeared. We started searching him; and then media reported that he was killed together with his friend Ahmed," said Ramazanov.

He also reported that nobody knows the location of Isagadjiev's and Rabadanov's bodies. The latter's car also disappeared.

Rabadangadji Rabadanov, Ahmed Rabadanov's uncle, said that he was indignant with the information that appeared in federal mass media.

"They write that the casualties were in search for committing attempts on militiamen. It's a bald lie - they had never attempted on anybody; they had nothing to do with militants; and they were never announced into search. It's also a lie that one of them had allegedly accompanied the female suicide-bombers in the Moscow metro. They left nowhere on those days; there are dozens of people who saw them. The casualties talked to plenty of friends by their mobile phones, me inclusive. It's easy to make a printout of calls," said Rabadangadji Rabadanov.

Isa Magomedov, head of the administration of Novy Kostek, also noted that the casualties had never done anything criminal. "They were normal guys, good Moslems; they had no attitude to militants," he said and referenced the kidnapped Magomedzagir Isagadjiev, Israpil Medzhidov and Kurban Aliev in the same manner.

The MIA of Dagestan has reported that they knew nothing about the disappearance and had no data on whether the kidnapped and murdered persons had been registered as such.

Author: Akhmed Magomedov; Source: CK correspondent

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