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Azizbekov, Meshadi Aziz-bek ogly

Revolutionist and politician.

Born January 6, 1876, in Baku, in a family of a mason worker. Having graduated from Baku Royal College in 1896, arrive in St. Petersburg to enter the Civil Engineering Institute. Participated in student movement; member of RSDRP (Russian Socialist Democratic Worker Party) since 1898. In 1899, entered St. Petersburg Technology Institute, graduated in 1908 with a qualification of electric engineer. Bolshevik after RSDRP's 2nd convocation in 1903. Participant of the 1905-1907 Revolution, member of RSDRP Baku Committee, one of organizers of Gummet ("Energy") socio-democratic group, combatant worker groups, and Oil Worker Union. Worked as engineer in Baku since 1908, led revolutionary activities in a legal cultural and educational society Nidjat-maarif ("Salvation through Education"), and organized summer schools for Azerbaijani workers. In 1911, was elected a speaker of Baku City Duma (Council). One of the leaders of Baku strikes in 1913-1914. During the WWI, was one of the leaders of Baku Bolshevik Organization, advanced interests of the working people in Baku City Duma, was a member of the Assistance to Refugees Committee in the frontline areas.

After February Revolution 1917, was elected a Deputy of Baku Council of Worker and Military deputies. Since March 1917, was a member of Interim Committee of Gummet organization and a member of editor board of Gummet newspaper. On April 5, 1917, was elected the chairman of Baku Muslim Socialist Parties Bureau. On April 15 through 20, participated in the First Congress of Muslims of the Caucasus. Reelected as a speaker of Baku City Duma, worked in Provision Committee. Starting April 23, was a member of Propagandist and Campaigner Bureau of Baku RSDRP(b) Committee, visited Baku Province counties where campaigned among peasants and set up contacts with gummetists of Georgia and Armenia. Starting June, became a member of Baku RSDRP(b) Committee. In September, joined the election committee for the City Duma elections. On September 27 though October 3, was a member of the Central Striking Committee of Baku Oil District, which led the general strike ending in workers' victory. On October 29, 1917, was elected the speaker of Baku City Duma. In November 1917, was nominated a candidate for the Constituent Assembly from the Caucasian Province Committee of the Party. Due to a jeopardizing situation with procurement of Baku, was appointed Emissary of the Provincial Provision Committee for examining the situation with provisions in the province and coordinating deliveries of grain to the city.

Starting February 1918, was a member of the Red Guard Headquarters in Baku. On March 31, 1918, was appointed Commissar (commissary) of Guard Forces in the Muslim part of Baku. Starting April, was the Province Commissar and deputy Commissar for the Interior of Baku Council of People's Commissars. On May 26 through 29, 1918, was one of organizers and leaders of Peasant Deputy Convention of the Baku County, was elected the chairman of Executive Committee of the Peasant Deputy Councils of Baku County. Starting June 1918, was the honorary chairman of Gummet organization committee. During the attack of German and Turkish interventionists, was one of Baku defense organizers, combated. Arrested after the Soviet power in Baku was temporarily depressed in August 1918. Shot dead among the 26 Baku Commissars on September 20, 1918, at the 207th verst (milepost) of Transcaucasian Railroad, between the stations of Pereval and Akhcha-Kuyma.

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July 19, 2019 22:33

  • Baku Mayoralty refuses to sanction opposition's march-rally

    The Baku authorities have failed to sanction an action of the oppositional Popular Movement of Azerbaijan (PMA), scheduled for July 20; the movement calls for speeding up the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. The organizers have treated the refusal to sanction the demonstration as a violation of the freedom of assembly.

July 19, 2019 22:22

  • Okruashvili challenges Khalvashi's rights for "Rustavi-2"

    The shares of the "Rustavi-2" TV Company were just formally documented for Kibar Khalvashi, while they were actually bought out by the oppositionist Irakli Okruashvili, the latter's advocates have asserted. They demanded to arrest the assets of the "Rustavi-2" for the period of litigation with Khalvashi.

July 19, 2019 19:29

  • New appointment of Izrayilov emphasizes Kadyrov's lack of trust in personnel

    Abdulkakhir Izrayilov, who headed the administration of the leader and government of Chechnya, was appointed the Chechnya's supervisor to the Caucasus Directorate of the "Rostechnadzor" (Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Ecological, Technological, and Nuclear Issues). In Chechnya, the senior positions are occupied by the same officials from the "Ramzan Kadyrov' team," local residents notice.

July 19, 2019 19:16

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