20 March 2010, 09:00

European Armenians call to condemn Turkish Premier's statement on Armenians' exclusion

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe (ААЕ) has condemned the statement of Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan about deportation from his country, if required, of illegal labour migrants-Armenians, and called the European institutions to condemn the non-tolerant attitude to other nationals living in Turkey.

Mr Erdogan said in his interview to the BBC: "My country is inhabited by 170,000 Armenians, of them 70,000 are Turkish citizens. But the rest 100,000 are granted place in our country. What shall I do tomorrow, if a necessity arises? I'll tell these 100,000 to leave the country. I'll make it because they aren't my citizens; and I'm not obliged to keep them in the country."

The Turkish Minister of Labour Omer Dindzher expressed support to the head of the Turkish government: "I, as the Minister of Labour, support this statement. We have a bargaining chip that we can use if necessary."

"It is surprising that the country with this approach and such position wants to become a member of the European family. The AAE calls the respective structures of Europe to condemn these statements and to take the necessary steps for ensuring defence of human rights and fight against non-tolerant attitude to other nations living in Turkey," runs the statement of the ААЕ.

Author: Lylyt Ovanisyan; Source: CK correspondent

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