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Melik-Aslanov, Khudat-bey Aga ogly

Azerbaijani statesman and politician, engineer, and scientist.

Born 1879 in the city of Shusha. In 1899, graduated from Shusha Real College; in 1904, graduated from St. Petersburg Institute of Road Transportation Engineering. During the studies in St. Petersburg, joined RSDRP (Russian Socialist Democratic Workers' Party) in 1901; in 1904, left the party and stayed non-affiliated for the rest of his life.

After the graduation from the Institute, Melik-Aslanov worked for half a year at the construction site of the Vologda - Petrozavodsk Railroad. In 1905, moved to Tiflis and worked in Transcaucasian Railroad: built stations and technical constructions in Suram portion, second line of the road, and narrow-gauge railroad to Chiatur manganese mine. In 1912 thru 1917, K.A. Melik-Aslanov published four articles in St. Petersburg scientific magazines on the problems and perspectives of technical development of railroads. After the February Revolution of 1917 in Russia, was appointed the representative of Interim Government in Transcaucasian Railroad. K.A. Melik-Aslanov occupied the position of Railroad Commissar in the Transcaucasian Commissariat and a Railroad Minister in the Government of Transcaucasian Federative Republic. In 1918, K.A. Melik-Aslanov published a book on the history of Transcaucasian Railroad.

After the proclamation of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic in 1918, K.A. Melik-Aslanov constantly was a member of the Republic's Government: in the first cabinet - the Minister of Transportation, Railroads, Post, and Telegraph; in the second, third, and fourth cabinets - Minister of Railroads; in the fifth - Minister of Railroads and Minister of Trade and Industry, simultaneously the first deputy Chairman of the Government. Was also elected a deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament. In 1919, with K.A. Melik-Aslanov's immediate involvement, a College preparing qualified railroad specialists was opened in Baku. The same year, a commission on transferring the Azerbaijani writing into Latin alphabet was created under K.A. Melik-Aslanov's guidance. The Commission created a plan, which was adopted by the country's government. However, this project was never carried out: the following year 1920, Azerbaijani Democratic Republic crashed, and communist regime was established in Azerbaijan.

During the first years of the soviet power in Azerbaijan, K.A. Melik-Aslanov worked in the Republic's State Committee on Construction: first, as department head, then as the Committee's Chairman. In 1923-1933, he worked in the Economy Council, in State Planning Commission, and as a dean of Polytechnic Institute. Was a member of various scientific and technical societies and commissions of the USSR and Azerbaijan. Published several scientific works, including two monographs.

In 1930, K.A. Melik-Aslanov was arrested for the first time and spent two and a half years in OGPU's prisons. After the discharge, taught in Transportation Institute and Construction Institute. In August 1934, was rearrested and died in prison in June 1935.

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