Russian Ombudsman medal awarding ceremony. Moscow, Mussa Aushev with his brother's award. Moscow, "Russian Zarubezhie" library and foundation, December 8, 2009. Photo by the "Caucasian Knot"

19 December 2009, 11:00

Mussa Aushev: car with Dzhanievs blew up not from gas bottle

According to Mussa Aushev, brother of the Ingush human rights activist Maksharip Aushev, assassinated in October, the version that the car with the Dzhaniev family - Maksharip's relatives, which blew up on December 16, suffered from a gas bottle explosion, is inconsistent. He refers to eyewitnesses who assert that the gas bottle blew up after the first explosion.

"Those, who were in the car, say that they left the house, drove for some time; then, they were stopped and asked to get out of the car. Those people examined the car and then said: "All right, it's all clean. Good luck and good-bye!" Nobody opened fire, as some media write. There were many witnesses, and what they say that the car did not stop and turned around near the police post, and that they were shelled - it's all not true. They just stopped for examination; then, they resumed their way, and, some 300 meters away from that place the car blew up," Mussa Aushev said to the Caucasian Knot correspondent.

Their relatives believe that power agents were guilty of the tragedy. "Why they were killed - I don't know; I can't understand what it was. I'm just shocked. Who did it and why - I don't know and don't understand," said Mussa Aushev.

On the following day after the tragedy, on December 17, Batyr Dzhaniev, 23, son of Leila Dzhanieva, who perished in the explosion, blew himself up at the road police post in Nazran. By the versions of law enforcement bodies, this self-destructive terror act was his revenge to power agents for his perished mother and brother.

Author: Dmitry Florin; Source: CK correspondent

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