03 December 2009, 22:00

Investigation assumes that Caucasians had to do with "Neva-Express" train accident

Inspectors have managed to compile verbal identikits of two out of four probable executors of the explosion of the "Neva-Express" train. According to eyewitnesses, the suspected terrorists had "Caucasian appearance."

As the "Caucasian Knot" reported earlier, on November 27, in the Novgorod Region, in the railway section Alyoshinka-Uglovka, as a result of an explosion, four passenger cars of the train No. 166 Moscow-St Petersburg got derailed. Inspectors suppose that the explosion was caused by a combined bomb with use of " plastic explosive."

A source in law enforcement bodies reports that it was a group of four persons, who appeared on November 26 in the village of Lykoshino, Tver Region, located approximately 5 km off the place of the accident.

"The men of Caucasian appearance arrived into the village in a silvery off-road car, splashed with dirt, and asked a local about some place to stay for the night," said the source.

He added that another group of four persons appeared in Lykoshino about one week before the explosion. The owner of the house, whom they addressed, initially gave confusing evidences. He said to operative agents that he was visited by Gipsies, who were going to visit their relative, who was serving his term in the colony, located in Mikhailovskoe village. "However later he remembered that one of visitors was Ahmed; therefore, most likely, they were also Caucasians," the source has emphasized.

On December 2, memorial meetings were held in Moscow and Petersburg in memory of the casualties of the train accident and other victims of terrorism. By different sources, the event in the Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow was some 10-15-thousand strong, and "several thousands" gathered in the Sennaya Square in St Petersburg.

The participants spoke for tougher antiterrorist measures, even in favour of restoring death penalty for terrorists.

The organizer in Moscow and St Petersburg was 'Edinaya Rossiya", and its youth organization "Molodata Gvardiya" (Young Guards) and the Moscow Federation of Independent Trade Unions were among the participants.

Meanwhile, human rights defender Marina Litvinovich asserts in her blog that the rallies against terror in Moscow and St Petersburg, held by the party in power on December 2, that is, five days after the accident, could not be held lawfully, as the notifications should have been submitted back on November 17-22.

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