21 October 2009, 23:50

In Armenia, no prosecutor change assumed at trial of oppositional editor-in-chief

Today, at the litigation on the case of Nikol Pashinyan, editor-in-chief of the daily oppositional newspaper "Aikakan Zhamanak" (Armenian Time), Judge Mnatsakan Martirosyan, who is chairing the trial, rejected the petition of the defence challenging the public prosecutor Koryun Piloyan.

Advocate Lusine Saakyan said that the trial has failed to create normal conditions for work of journalists; moreover, the press photographers are completely deprived of the chance to carry out their professional duties.

"The only opportunity to make photos is provided from the room for journalists, where a monitor is installed, but the photos made from the monitor are unfit for use," Ms Saakyan has noted. She added that the reason is in the judge's position.

"However, despite his illegal actions, I believe it senseless to challenge the judge, as the negative decision is guaranteed," the advocate has emphasized.

Advocates Saakyan and Ervand Varosyan also moved a petition to stop the groundless criminal case against Pashinyan. The judge failed to discuss the petition and postponed the session till October 22.

About 200 persons have rallied in front of the building of the general jurisdiction court of the community "Shengavit", where the litigation takes place; they organized a picket in defence of Nikol Pashinyan and demand to release him.

Author: Lilit Ovanisyan; Source: CK correspondent

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