25 September 2009, 14:00

People in Chechnya discuss announced Kadyrov's successor

President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has announced, in his interview to the newspaper "Zavtra" (Tomorrow), the name of his possible successor - Adam Delimkhanov, now - deputy of the State Duma of Russia. The prospect of seeing this person as President of Chechnya inspires not many of its residents.

"If I'm no more, Kadyrov's case will be continued. I have a team and people ready to go on along my course. I've always instructed every commander to prepare someone instead. I have the person capable to replace me - Adam Delimkhanov. He's my closest friend, closer than a brother... I believe that Adam is better than me," said President Kadyrov in his interview.

"Adam Delimkhanov is, probably, Ramzan Kadyrov's closest and most reliable friend, in his understanding. But he is not the apt person to be put as President, same as any other military out of his retinue," said Ahmad, a member of a local human rights organization, and reminded that Delimkhanov was announced to international search by the Dubai on charges of organizing the attempt on Sulim Yamadaev, accomplished on March 28 in Dubai.

According to one of independent Chechen journalists, the whole trouble is that "the authorities in Russia believe it possible not to reckon with people's will; they have arrogated the right to appoint governors and presidents, has actually deprived the society of the right to protest."

"One may think that Russia or Chechnya is a monarchy. Every president names the person whom he wants to see as his successor, and then this person is automatically 'elected'," said the journalist.

Author: Alexander Ivanov; Source: CK correspondent

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