25 September 2009, 20:00

Kadyrov's claim to head of HRC "Memorial" to continue on October 6

The judicial hearings on the claim of President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov to the head of the HRC "Memorial" Oleg Orlov were postponed till October 6, as the judge and the claimant should watch the video record, presented by Orlov. According to his story, the CD has records of the programmes of Grozny TV, where Kadyrov calls to illegitimate actions.

Besides, the process expects to listen to two more respondent's witnesses: members of the Board of the HRC "Memorial" Alexander Cherkasov and Gregory Shvedov.

Also, it became known that the members of the "Memorial" refused from amicable agreement on Kadyrov's claim.

The question of the judge, whether the parties consider a possible reconciliation and conclusion of an amicable agreement, was answered by Andrei Krasnenkov, Kadyrov's advocate, who said that such agreement is possible, provided the respondents agree with claimant's requirements. "If Mr Orlov refutes his statements, and the 'Memorial' portal places the text of the refutation, present in the claim, then, on our part, we'll lift the compensation sum for the moral damage," he has added.

Anna Stavitskaya, who is representing Orlov, has objected saying that the claimant had actually suggested admitting all his demands, the ITAR-TASS notes. "I don't see the sense of amicable agreement," she said. "It'll not satisfy us in this form."


Author: Alexander Baklanov; Source: CK correspondent

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