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25 June 2009, 18:00

Count of murders and terror acts goes up in Chechnya: 70 days after CTO cancellation

After the end of the almost ten-year counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime in Chechnya, announced on April 16, 70 days have expired. During this period Chechnya saw a growth of the number of terror acts, murders of power agents and kidnappings. This is confirmed by calculations made from the archive data of the "Caucasian Knot" and open sources.

Cancellation of the CTO regime was perceived as a step towards normalization of the situation in the republic, but what we see now evidences the opposite. This conclusion can be made, if we compare the events during equal periods - 70 days before and 70 days after the cancellation.

During 70 days before cancellation, there were at least 4 kidnappings; two of the kidnapped persons were later found murdered. Also, one civilian was killed and five locals were wounded. And since April 16 till today, at least 11 persons were kidnapped in Chechnya. As a result of skirmishes and diversions, at least six peaceful residents were lost.

Also, during 70 days before the CTO regime cancellation, at least 14 combat clashes and special operations burst out or were conducted in the republic, in which 6 power agents were lost and at least 17 wounded. Six persons announced to be militants were liquidated and at least 27 were detained, 6 more surrendered. At least 26 persons treated as militants' helpers were also detained.

After the cancellation of the CTO regime, the republic saw at least 25 special operations and combat clashes. In them, at least 15 power agents were lost; and at least 30 persons wounded. At the same time, at least 26 persons believed to be militants were liquidated, at least 30 were detained and 3 surrendered. Twelve persons were detained as helpers to illegal armed formations (IAFs).

During 70 days prior to the end of the CTO regime, Chechnya learnt about six explosions of self-made bombs. Three terror acts were prevented. After the cancellation, at least 16 terror acts and explosions took place in Chechnya.

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