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Mamontov, Konstantin Konstantinovich

Real surname is Mamantov.

Military leader, lieutenant general (since 1919(, one of the leaders of anti-Bolshevik resistance in the Don area and the Northern Caucasus in 1918-1920.

Born in St. Petersburg on October 16 (28), 1869. Graduated from Nikolaevskoye military college and attached to Leib Guard Cavalry Grenadier Regiment. In 1899, was enlisted in the staff of the Don Army into the Third Don Cossack Regiment; in 1900, enlisted in the military estate in the Cossack settlement of Razdorskaya. Participated in the WWI of 1914-1918, consecutively commanded a number of Cossack units, became the honored Cossack of the settlements of Ust-Khoperskaya and Nizhne-Chirskaya. Finished the war in the rank of a colonel.

In March 1918, Mamantov led the Cossacks' uprising in the Second Don District. Was promoted to major general and in April and May accepted the command of the cavalry forces of the Don Army in Tsaritsyn area. Was a lieutenant general and commander of the United Cossack Corps in the Armed Forces of Russia's South.

In August and September 1919, headed the ride of the White Guard Cavalry in the rears of the Soviet troops of the Southern Front. In November 1919, Mamontov's corps were defeated by S.M. Budyonny's cavalry corps at Kastornaya. For this failure, Mamontov was deposed form commandment by Denikin on December 2, 1919.

K.K. Mamontov died of typhus in Ekaterinodar (now Krasnodar) in February 1920.

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