12 June 2009, 19:02

MIA of Dagestan: leader of Makhachkala Jama'at Omar Ramazanov liquidated

Operative agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Dagestan report that they have established the persons of the militants liquidated today during a special operation in Makhachkala, namely: Omar Ramazanov, 24, leader of Makhachkala Jama'at, and Makhmud Paizulaev, 22, Ramazanov's helper.

The RIA "Dagestan" reports that after the murder of Omar Sheikhulaev in early February this year, Omar Ramazanov took his place and became Amir of Makhachkala Jama'at, its ideological inspirer and the main organizer of all attempts on law enforcers of Dagestan. Ramazanov was a native of the village of Tyube, while Paizulaev - of Makhachkala.

Making his comments on the outcomes of the operation, Magomed Ismailov, Deputy Minister of Interior of Dagestan, has stated that all the recent resonant murders of MIA employees had been committed by these two persons.

"We have certain proofs that Ramazanov was the organizer, and in some cases also the executor of the attempts on life of employees of law enforcement bodies and other terrorist crimes committed in Makhachkala in the last two months," the "Interfax" quotes Mark Tolchinskiy, head of the press service of Dagestan's MIA.

The "Vesti.ru" reports that after the militants were killed, inspectors found in their car two sub-machine guns, three pistols, ammunition and a mobile phone with a video record of the murder on June 9 of an OMON fighter in Tyube village.

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