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Malkhasyants, Stepan Sarkisovich

Known Armenian philologist, academician of the Armenian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) Academy of Sciences (since 1943).

Born October 25 (November 6 according to Gregorian calendar), 1857, in the city of Akhaltsikh (now Georgia). In 1889, graduated from St. Petersburg University. Published historical, linguistic, and textologic research of the works of ancient Armenian historians - Pavstos Buzand (5th century), Movses Khorenatsi (late 5th - early 6th centuries), and Sebeos (7th century). As a linguist, Malkhasyants is famous for his works on grammar and syntax of the ancient Armenian language, a series of articles on certain issues of the Armenian language structure development. Authored Explanatory Dictionary of Armenian Language of four volumes (1944-1945; USSR State Prize of 1946) encompassing the vocabulary of ancient, medieval, and modern Armenian literary language and dialects. Malkhasyants authored the translation and the critiqued edition of texts of Movses Khorenatsi, Pavstos Buzand, books of Armenian physician Amirdovlat Amasnatsi The Use of Medicine (15th century), and books of historian Simeon Erevantsi Djambr (18th century).

S.S. Malkhasyants deceased in Yerevan on July 21, 1947.

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