16 May 2009, 10:00

MIA of Chechnya: four militants who planned terror acts liquidated in Grozny

The MIA of the Chechen Republic reports about liquidation in Grozny of four militants who planned a series of wide-scale terror acts in the city. According to the militia, they all were members of the same grouping as the militant who blew himself up on May 15 at the MIA headquarters.

As a result of the terror act at the MIA building, at least four persons were lost and five more wounded. The suicide-bomber was also killed in situ, his person is already established.

"It was Beslan Chagiev, born in 1968. He lived in Sleptsovskaya village in Ingushetia," as reported by Ruslan Alkhanov, head of Chechnya's MIA. According to his story, Chagiev was a close ally of Doku Umarov and had radio codes of "Kharun" and "Zhandula".

After the explosion in Grozny, militiamen "managed to find other members of the grouping who had planned a series of wide-scale terror acts," the ITAR-TASS quotes the statement of Chechnya's MIA.

According to the Ministry, all the four militants were shot dead at rendering armed resistance to militiamen. The casualties are: Adam Belimkhanov, 24, Taimer Ubaidullaev, 26, who was in federal search, Alvi Chersiev, 24, and Musa Davletmerzaev, 25.

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August 22, 2019 18:46

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August 22, 2019 11:26

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